hip hop

Break-Even is a hip-hop and breakdance student association. Break-even started off as a breakdance student association back in 2005. The association started teaching hip-hop and we currently have total of 60 members! The hip-hop hours consist of 2 hours a week which are both taught by our hip-hop teacher Joey de Vries. Next to only hip-hop, we alternate from some different styles during workshops, such as; heels, house and dancehall.

1st class:   20:15 – 21:15

The first class is a beginners level, it focusses on dances that are more simple to learn, but challenging enough to expand your dance moves! The choreography’s are taught on a slower phase, so everyone is able to keep up.

2nd class:   21:15 – 22:15

The second class is an advanced level, it stands for a pronounced focus on techniques. Here you can challenge yourself to try out more complex dances, and people who have no dance experience are also welcome to join! The choreography’s are more difficult compared to the beginners level and the class goes faster, rather than a slower phase. The teacher also often watches more closely to give some helpful feedback on dance techniques.

Of course, once you sign up for Break-Even, you are allowed and very welcome to join all the classes we offer!

hip hop trainings are every wednesday from 20:15-22:15

20:15-21:15 Beginners

21:15-22:15 intermediate/advanced

The location is the Audiozaal, which is a room in the Vrijhof. The vrijhof is a building located at the campus of the university of twente. If you want to join a lesson to see if it’s for you, you are always welcome! You can send an email to the board (board@breakeven.utwente.nl) that you plan on dropping by!

Our hip hop classes are very focused on having a great time while dancing and finding your own style. Our teacher likes to go crazy and so should you! some lessons are posted on our facebook page, but we put some examples on this page for you to check out! We truly have dancers from all skill levels that want to help each other and cheer each other on. The room will never be quiet and we want to thank Joey for making sure of that. Don’t hesitate to email us or check our open lessons page if you are interested!