Board of 2022-2023

Introducing the board of 2022/2023:

Duru – Chairwoman

Jyotika – Secretary

Robert – Treasurer

Javier – Commissioner of internal & external affairs



Get to know the board

Duru – Chairwoman

Hello everyone, I’m Duru and I study chemical science and engineering in UT. I am currently in my second bachelor year and I joined Break-Even in my first year. I wanted to try a different dance type than I did before and I really liked expressing my emotions through hip hop dancing Immediately. I felt really welcome in the association and that’s why I wanted to become a part of the association and offer this amazing chance to other lovely people. Besides Break-Even, I also do ballet and sometimes play football with drienerlo. Scroll through to find out more about my wonderful board members and their life!

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Jyotika – Secretary
Hey hey, I’m Jyotika but most of you probably know me as Gio/Jyo. I joined Break-Even last year (2021-2022) and now I am board :). It all went pretty fast, but I found myself enjoying both Hip Hop and Breakdance so much that I wanted to do some more with the association. I also am a member of Arabesque which gives me a lot of inspiration to put feeling into my dancing. Apart from dancing I used to play volleyball, but honestly I like sports in general. Right now I’m studying Technical Medicine, but just like during the breakdance classes I don’t know what my next move is going to be. Anyway I am sure that a lot of the fun people I meet in the association will be in my future plans, just don’t know how yet. O yeah btw I’m the secretary so if needed I would know where to find these people* (:


*this is a joke and the board members are not allowed to use the information of the members for personal uses

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Robert – Treasurer

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Javier – Commissioner of Internal and External Affairs

Hi I’m Javier Huerta, I am an Industrial Design Engineering Master student

I’m from Mexico: I speak Spanish and like Tacos

My favorite thing to do is dance, I started classes in 2021 when I started my Master’s in Twente, I first joined Hiphop and Salsa, then in the second semester I joined Breakdance and in the second year I tried Ballroom for a little bit, but my favorites are Hiphop and breakdance.


Besides dancing I like movies and video games.


Board of 2021/2022

Introducing the board of 2021/2022:

Alec – Chairman

Elisa – Secretary

Luka – Treasurer

Nina – Commissioner of Internal & External Affairs

Board of 2020/2021


Jenna   –   Chairwoman

Saskia    –   Secretary

Bernie   –   Treasurer

Laura –   Commissioner of Internal & External Affairs​

Board 2019/2020

Introducing the board of 2019/2020:

Lily   –   Chairwoman

Lyanne    –    Secretary

Bernie    –   Treasurer

Board 2018/2019

Introducing the board of 2018/2019:

Juliette   –   Chairman

Danique   –   Treasurer

Lieke   –   Secretary


Apollo Show 2020/2021