Break-Even is a hip-hop and breakdance student association. Break-even started off as a breakdance student association back in 2005 as a group of friends in love with breakdance. In 2016 we added hip hop to the roster of styles. The breakdance part is unique in the Netherlands. From training in a shopping mall to an official association, we are still giving breakdance lessons from the beginning. Besides this, we also visit related activities like the international breakdance event. Our current teacher Jurmy Bruin, a well-known breakdancer in the Netherlands who has participated in several competitions! He decided to take the role as a teacher in 2022

Breakdance lessons take place every Monday from 19:30 – 22:30.  The location is Gym local, Minister de Savornin Lohmanlaan 65, Enschede.

Please contact us if you cannot find the location at 

If you want to get an impression of the lessons, you are always welcome to join us on Mondays! Just send an email to You can also check out our beginners course lessons on our youtube channel! Click here to go to lesson 1. 

Bboy music for training can also be found here. If you have any questions about our breakdance trainings please contact the board.

Breakdance has become more popular during the past years and we are very happy to welcome you as a new member! The ambiance is very laid back and open for input, so whether you just want to start learning breakdance or if you want to learn a specific move, you are at the right place at break-even!

Next to learning breakdance moves, we also focus on other goals such as handstand, headstand and cool freezes which you can use to flex on you friends! 😉