Step 1 : Open Lesson

Join one of our open lessons! Click the icon to go to our open lessons page. There you will be able to get all information how to join us.

Step 2: Subscription Form

Hand in your subscription form. Click the icon to download the form. Read all pages and make sure you fill everything in. If your device does not support signing a pdf we recommend filling in the form with: Sedja

You can email it to or, OR give the form to one of the board members during the lessons.

Step 3: Wait for an Email

Wait for an email confirming your signup. We need to make sure there is a spot available for a new member.

Step 4* : Union-/Campuscard

Buy an Unioncard. You need this card to become a member of any culture or sport association. Click the button to go to the Sport-center website to buy your card! Then click "Shop" or "Aanbod" and pay for a year or half-year card Union Card.

Step 5* : Register on the Sportscenter Website

Register at Break-Even through the website. Click the button to go to the website. Log in and go to "My Organisations", then scroll to "Join/Register at" and select Break-Even. If you have any questions, please contact the board!

* Steps 4 and 5 are different for you if you do not study at the University of Twente!

You will need to physically go to the Sportscentre on the University of Twente campus. Go to the reception and ask for a Campuscard AND a subscription to break-even. To make sure the process goes smoothly, email the board to keep them up to date.


Now you have to wait for the board to respond to your actions. if you registered at dms and handed in your subscription form, the board will accept you into the association. congratulations on becoming a member! The only thing left to do is to pay your fees. There are 2 different fees: association fee and contribution fee. You can visit the student union website to find all actual prices, fines and possible discounts.

Association Fee*

The association fee has to be paid on the Sports and Culture website. Go to "Shop" or "aanbod", "Subscription" and select the Association Fee. Once you've been accepted, you will see the Break-Even fee. This can be paid per year or half-year. Prices can be found on the right. This Fee can only be paid once you have been accepted into the association by the board.

Contribution Fee

The contribution fee is 20 per half-year. The board will take the amount from your bank-account, which you filled in in your application form. You will of course get a notice first. Prices can be found on the right.

Difference between Contribution and Association Fee

The association fee is a fee paid to the Student Union and helps paying the teachers & locations we use. Break-Even doesn't touch this money and you have to contact the SU/Sports and Culture to refund this. The contribution fee is money for the association that the treasurer uses to create a budget and organise events, workshops and shows with.

* If you are not a student at the University of Twente, you will be asked at the Sportscentre to pay everything apart from the contribution fee in one go. Union cards are only for University of Twente students, so you will need to pay for the Campus Card.


If you want to unsubscribe from break-even, you have to send an email to stating that you want to unsubscribe. You do not have to state a reason, but it will help us improve! The board will send you a confirmation email when you are successfully unsubscribed. Until you send this email, you will be subscribed and asked to pay union card, association fee and contribution fee. Not paying these will eventually result in a fine.