hire us

we offer workshops in breakdance and hip hop. breakdance workshops will includes an introduction into breakdance where basic moves will be taught. These moves include a top-rock, six-step and several freezes. A hip hop workshop will consist of learning a certain choreography! The workshops will be accessible for anyone. details and prices can be discussed with the board at board@breakeven.utwente.nl.

If you want us to perform at your event you can also email to board@breakeven.utwente.nl or directly to our commissioner of internal and external affairs. Shows with us can be booked with at least a months notice until the show, but the more preparation time the better and the higher the chance we are available for you!


We are also very interested in doing collaborations! Other dance associations or groups can contact the board, in particular the commissioner of internal and external affairs, about this! Details can be further discussed over email. Collaborations can be for example between two dance groups where both groups offer a workshop for the other or a collaboration on a project, show or activity! we are also very open to collaborating with groups, associations and people outside of dance.