Corona update


Due to the corona crisis, all break-even activities ad lessons are canceled. We are currently waiting until it is safe again for us to dance together in enschede! until then, our teachers will be giving online classes every week. 

Hip hop lessons are every wednesday 18:30-19:30. 

breakdance lessons cannot continue like normally, but instead our teacher hosts a fitness class every monday 20:30-21:15.

these classes will be given with the following rules:

The hip hop lessons are open for everyone, not only members! The goal of the lessons is to keep people moving and enjoying dance so everyone who wants to follow the class is free to do so! The class is hosted on twitch, where all classes are live from Joey his living room. You cannot be seen or heard and you can watch old lessons back. click here to join!

The fitness lessons are also online, live from Vincent his place. These lessons are closed to members only. you can be seen and heard on this platform. The goal of the lessons is to keep people active and support each other while working out. Vincent will also provide workouts. He will also be available for breakdance related questions during this time. a helpful starter kit on breakdance is already available on our youtube channel. click here to join.